New “Reply 1988” Wedding Scene Spoilers Leaked

Previously, there had been spoilers leaked about a wedding scene being filmed for the final episodes of hit drama “Reply 1988.”

While it was true that a wedding scene was filmed at a wedding hall located at an airforce club in Seoul, the previous spoiler incorrectly stated which characters got married.


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It has been revealed that the characters who got married in the wedding scene are Bora (Ryu Hye Young) and Sun Woo (Ko Kyung Po). Currently, the production team is continuing filming in utmost secrecy. Only the main cast, staff, and extras (acting as wedding guests) are being allowed to be present at the filming site.

All of the neighborhood characters were present at the wedding. It has been further revealed that Duk Sun (Hyeri) wears a pink coat while helping her sister with her wedding dress while filming. Also, their father (Sung Dong Il) was filmed laughing heartily.

Despite the cold weather in Korea, the filming atmosphere has been reported to be full of energy with the main cast chattering away.

While the production company is making great efforts to keep details about the final episodes secret, great interest continues as spectators watch their every move. The final episode will air on January 16.

You can click here and here to view the spoiler images.

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