“Reply 1988” Jin Joo Predicts Who Duk Sun’s Husband Will Be

Currently, the whole nation is curious about who will end up being Duk Sun (Hyeri)’s husband in “Reply 1988.”

Amidst all the guessing and speculation, child actress Kim Seol (who portrays young Jin Joo), has been asked to guess who will end up being the mystery husband.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports on January 12, she made her prediction and stated, “Um… I think Duk Sun unni and Jung Pal (Ryu Jun Yeol) oppa are going to get married. [She] will break up with Taek (Park Bo Gum) oppa and marry Jung Pal oppa. She has to do that. But I don’t know [the finale]. I’m curious.”

The adorable actress reflects on acting in the drama and reveals, “In the drama, the sausages were the most delicious. The cockles are yummy too.” When asked about her favorite foods outside of the drama, she shares, “Tteokbokki and kimchi. They’re not spicy at all. I like them the most.”

She reveals her affection for the actors and explains, “In reality, Sun Woo (Ko Kyung Po) oppa and Sun Young (Kim Sun Young) mom take care of me the best. Sun Woo oppa bought me an Elsa doll and peppero. Sun Young mom played airplane with me whenever I said I was sleepy. We even went to Russia and Bangladesh. Bora (Ryu Hye Young) unni also was really nice to me. I miss everyone.”

The final episode of “Reply 1988” will air on January 16.

Who do you think Duk Sun’s husband will be?

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