Kwanghee Says He Is Still in Contact With G-Dragon and Taeyang

Kwanghee said his friendship with G-Dragon and Taeyang is still going strong.

During MBC FM4U’s “Two O’clock Date” that aired on January 12, Kwanghee appeared as a special guest.

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During the show he said, “I’m still in contact with G-Dragon and Taeyang. I even sent a Happy New Years text to them.”

Show host Park Kyung Lim teases, “Don’t we all send texts like that.”

“Honestly, I want to contact them more often, but they’re so busy,” Kwanghee confesses. “I recently went to Jeju Island, though, and G-Dragon gave me a lot of tips.”

Meanwhile, Kwanghee also talks about his role in the recent chasing episode of “Infinity Challenge.”

“I just ran without thinking,” he says. “It’s not like I had experience in running away from someone. I just instantly ran at thought of being chased. I thought of how netizens said this was my last chance and ran like there was no tomorrow.”

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