Broker Who Harrassed Tahiti’s Jisoo To Face Charges

The broker who harassed Tahiti member Jisoo on Instagram with “sponsorship” offers will be facing criminal charges.

Tahiti’s agency released a statement on January 13, revealing that the Seocho District Police Department had formally received their report and will be prosecuting the broker.

A representative from the agency said, “Jisoo was very offended by the broker’s insistent messages. After a discussion with the company’s staff, ultimately she decided to press charges.”

Jisoo herself previously expressed her displeasure at the harassment, saying “You leave messages on every picture I upload telling me to check my direct messages. It’s offensive.” The messages in question offered her money in return for a “sponsorship” on behalf of a “client” that wanted to meet with her.

Meanwhile, Tahiti is currently busy with their overseas activities.

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