UP10TION’s Kuhn Does a Great Kim Woo Bin Impression on “Weekly Idol”

UP10TION are not only talented as far as singing and dancing goes, but also apparently have a Kim Woo Bin doppelganger in their midst!

On the Janury 13 episode of “Weekly Idol,” UP10TION member Kuhn is asked if he has any personal talents. He responds, “I can do a good impression of Kim Woo Bin.” He then lifts his fringe and does a stellar intense face, revealing his inner Kim Woo Bin doppelganger.

up10tion kuhn2

Host Defconn then comments, “You even sound kind of like him. I bet you could do a good vocal impression of him.” Kuhn gives it a shot, much to the amusement of the other guests.

Meanwhile, UP10TION recently wrapped up promotions for “Catch Me!”.

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