More Sponsor Request Messages Towards Tahiti’s Jisoo Yet to Be Revealed

Tahiti’s Jisoo, who had exposed a sponsor broker on her social media, said that she received even more contacts than revealed.

On the episode of SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment” aired on January 13, Jisoo and the sponsor offer she received is reported in-depth. Though the staff tried to question Jisoo at the airport as she returned from a schedule abroad, she left the scene in silence.

Later on, Tahiti’s managing agency said, “There are more sponsor requests that we have yet revealed. The person who sent her the message constantly asked her to meet his client, who claims to be her biggest fan.”

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“Though Jisoo jokingly thought that it was a spam message at first, the blatantly rude texts soon stressed her out,” the agency commented on the situation.

“She is currently going through a rough time,” the agency added. “Our company will be having a meeting, and will later post an official statement.”

Meanwhile, the managing agency has already sued the person who approached Jisoo with a sponsor request.

Previously, Jisoo had disclosed the Instagram messages she received from a sponsor broker. He is now facing criminal charges for his actions.

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