Yoon Jong Shin and Tablo Drop Collaboration Track “The First”

Epik High’s Tablo is the first artist in 2016 to work with Yoon Jong Shin on his famous series of monthly tracks!

Their song is fittingly titled “The First,” and showcases both Yoon Jong Shin’s smooth vocals and Tablo’s always impressive rapping. The trippy music video stars both these gifted musicians as well as American graffiti artist JonOne, who is captured creating a work of art on a large canvas (as well as Yoon Jong Shin’s suit), and a talented break dancer.

It’s said that after Yoon Jong Shin became a fan of JonOne’s work, the two met up and talked, and then decided to both make their own piece of art that expressed what they had discussed on the topic of “the first time.” Yoon Jong Shin set about writing a song (and asked Tablo to take on the writing of the rap section) while JonOne prepared to create one of his renowned pieces of graffiti artwork.

Check out the music video below!