5 Times INFINITE Stole Hearts in Los Angeles

INFINITE is legendary for their live performances — from performing acappella when the background music dies to having some of the best MR lives.

We were lucky enough to attend their INFINITE Effect show in Los Angeles and trust me, they lived up to that legendary status. Not only did they sing live the entire show, we were also treated to a live band performing instead of pre-recorded instrumentals. Live band shows are always special, with songs being remixed to suit the instruments and offering truly one-of-a-kind performances to fans.

But, enough about the live band, live vocals, and live members. Let’s recap the best moments from the show with a little help from Twitter (click the images for the Tweets).

1. INFINITE introducing a new song, “For You.”

Once you start jamming along to this, it’ll be stuck in your head for weeks. I can’t wait for it to be released on their next album — so I can jam along to it again for weeks.

2. Woohyun’s fan support.


Not all concerts can pull off fan banner supports but for Woohyun’s solo performance of “Everyday,” fans pulled out all the stops. I think this might be a hint that Inspirit want a Woohyun solo debut. Just a little hint.

3. Sungyeol’s cherry red hair.



Note to every K-pop idol ever: don’t dye your hair red right before live performances! Bad things happen!

4. All of the selfies.


INFINITE is literally always taking people’s phones and taking the best, most memorable selfies with them. Or singing into them. Or taking photos with their owner. Or, or- I’m just really jealous of all the lucky people in the first row.

5. INFINITE’s “Party” in the crowd.


If you were in the first main section, well then you probably stood at least 2 feet away from INFINITE. Actually, you were probably closer and probably got serenaded or your hand shaken or eye contact or other stuff that dreams are made of. Infinite loves their fans and they prove this time and time again during concerts. Inspirit, you picked a sweet group to stan.

And, because the above did not contain nearly enough INFINITE H:

Thanks to Powerhouse Live for inviting us to cover the concert! Were you there? What were your fave parts?