This Week in K-Pop MV Releases – January Week 3

While it was another quiet week of music video releases this week with no idol groups making a comeback, we can expect Teen Top, Gfriend, Stellar, CROSS GENE and possibly even SS301 to have return by the end of the month.

Suzy and Baekhyun‘s duet track “Dream” was voted as last week’s favorite video.

Did you have a favorite music video that was released this week?

Shin Hye Sung – “Roco Drama”

Jung Yonghwa, Sungwoo Jung – “Hello”

Baechigi – “Walkak”

Yoon Jong Shin – “The First” Feat. Tablo


The One – “Young Lion” (Hip-hop)
V.O.S – “The only one for me” (Ballad)
Joonil Jung – “Plastic” feat. BewhY (R&B)
Kim Bum Soo & Kei (Lovelyz) – “Appear” (Pop)
Kim Doe Hyun – “Satbaman” (Trot)
Ferlyn G – “GIF To You” (Electronic)

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