Taiwanese Politicians Rally Behind Tzuyu, China Censors Her Name on Weibo

In yet another twist in the nationality controversy surrounding TWICE member Tzuyu, the Chinese government has started censoring comments and blocking searches of her name on the social media platform Weibo.

Also being censored on Weibo is Tsai Ing Wen, the leader of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party who was just elected the next president.

This move comes just hours after Taiwanese politicians – including the current Taiwanese president Ma Ying Jeou and all three of the presidential candidates – rallied behind Tzuyu following her public apology for the controversy. President Ma Ying Jeou said Tzuyu had done nothing wrong that she needed to apologize for, adding that making her apologize was “unjust and unacceptable.”

Taiwanese politicians have gone on to accuse the Chinese government of bullying Tzuyu, following Taiwanese actor Huang An publicly calling Tzuyu a supporter of Taiwanese independence. Due to the controversy, artists from JYP Entertainment have had to halt all Chinese promotions, including TWICE.

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