Watch: Ra Yool Is Already Weight-Conscious?

On the January 16 episode of “Oh! My Baby,” Ra Yool and Ra Hee‘s mother Shoo weighs them to see how much they’ve grown.

Ra Hee goes first, weighing in at 14.8 kilograms (about 33 pounds), before she waddles off happily. However, Ra Yool is more reluctant to be weighed, dropping to her knees and trying to stall her mother. When Shoo finally coerces Ra Yool onto the scale, Ra Hee sneakily adds her foot too.

ra hee ra yool

In the end, Ra Yool weighs in at 14.2 kilograms (about 31 pounds). Though the twins differ in weight, their mother also measures their height, where they both break even at 89.5 centimeters tall (about 3 feet).

Check out the adorable clip below!

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