AOA’s Seolhyun Talks About Acting With Lee Min Ho on “Entertainment Weekly”

On January 16’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly,” AOA’s Seolhyun sits down for an interview to talk about her hugely successful 2015 and her plans for this year.

Seolhyun made her big screen debut in the film “Gangnam 1970,” in which she acted alongside top star Lee Min Ho. The pair later reunited when they were chosen to work together as promotional ambassadors for the “Visit Korea” campaign.

When asked about Lee Min Ho during her interview, Seolhyun says, “Even though there’s a bit of a difference in our ages, he joked a lot with me and took good care of me, so it was very comfortable.”

seolhyun lee min ho 2

You can see more of Seolhyun’s interview in this week’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly” on KBS!

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