H.O.T to Reportedly Reunite for 20th Anniversary Concert This Year

Legendary boy group H.O.T will reportedly hold a reunion concert to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

According to industry insiders, the group has recently launched preparations for a 20th anniversary concert. After reaching the decision to push forward with the reunion plans, they have started looking into potential event management companies and venues. The exact concert dates or possible album release dates are still up in the air.

This would mark the first time in 15 years for H.O.T to come together on stage. Their previous concert with all members present was in February 2001, which was soon followed by the departure of Tony AnJang Woo Hyuk, and Lee Jae Won for new agencies in May 2001. Ever since, fans have patiently waited for an official reunion between the five members.

Do you think H.O.T will finally reunite?

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*A previous version of the article stated that H.O.T’s last concert with all members together was in 2011, and has been updated to reflect the proper dates.