Park Bo Gum Holds First Fan Meeting Since Debut After End of

Actor Park Bo Gum recently wrapped up his first fan meeting, thanks to the overwhelming popularity of tvN’s “Reply 1988,” which saw it’s conclusion this past weekend.

During the fan meeting, which was held on January 16, the actor spent time with approximately 3,500 fans, for the first time able to communicate with them and tell his story. 

Park Bo Gum expressed his gratitude at the opportunity — his first since his debut in 2011. He went on to thank fans for supporting him in their hearts, saying that that is more than enough. “Rather than [giving me presents], support your parents more, and also invest more in yourself. Let’s recommend some good savings plans to each other.”

Park Bo Gum also gave some advice to a fan who’s considering giving up on a dream: “If you consistently work hard towards a single goal, I believe that there will come a day when you achieve it.”

park bo gum

Revealing a bit of his personal life, the actor surprised all, saying that he still takes the subway. “I still like the subway, which you can easily take anytime, anywhere. I haven’t met a single person who has recognized me [on the subway].”

A candid video of Park Bo Gum was also shown during the fan meeting, which further reinforced the actor’s kind and respectful nature, as well as revealed a little bit of his innocent side, with the actor’s bag producing milk, snacks, and straws — items he often carries with him. 

park bo gum ko kyung pyo

“Reply 1988” co-star Ko Kyung Pyo later popped in for a visit, and gave fans a colleague’s perspective of Park Bo Gum. “Despite the hard, busy filming schedule, he never lost his smile. I want to emulate his sincerity and focus when he goes into a scene. It’s to the point where his fault is that he’s too good.”

Ko Kyung Pyo said, “Park Bo Gum can be a bit clumsy, but when he’s working, he’s a perfectionist. Rather than someone to casually date, he’s the husband type that you want to spend your life with.”

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Toward the end of the meeting, Park Bo Gum personally went into the audience, singing for fans, and, overwhelmed, teared up as well. 

At the end of the day, Park Bo Gum left fans with gifts of personally designed postcard sets and first aid kits.

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