Lee Hwi Jae Wants to Send His Twins to SM or YG Entertainment

“I’m waiting for a love call from SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment for the twins,” Lee Hwi Jae said.

Lee Hwi Jae, who recently won the grand award at the 2015 KBS Entertainment Awards, plays against 100 contestants to win a prize of 50 million won (approximately $41,000) on “1 vs. 100.”

“Their mother is already worried about which school she should send the twins to, now that they are growing older,” he says. “I hope they play several sports and run around a lot.”

“This may seem like I’m going overboard, but I would like for them to be rap geniuses by the age of six, so that they will be casted by SM,” he adds.

The episode of “1 vs. 100” starring Lee Hwi Jae will air on January 19.

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