VIXX’s N Shares His Thoughts on Dating With Allure

VIXX‘s leader N recently posed for a sexy pictorial with model Lee Hyo Jung for Allure Korea!

The theme of the pictorial was “star couple paparazzi,” which N admitted made him a little nervous as it was his first time doing a couple photo shoot. On the topic of dating for real, N said, “If I’m to be entirely truthful, I don’t have any thoughts of dating right now. Of course there are moments when I’m lonely, but someday I will have a fiery romance.”

n allure2

Instead, N said that he has a lot of things he wants to achieve as VIXX’s N, and as the actor Cha Hak Yeon (his real name). “In order to realize all those goals, I have to focus my energy on those things. There’s nothing left for a relationship,” he said. “But since I’m an idol and idols can’t date, I don’t resent it.”

The full pictorial will be available in the February issue of Allure.

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