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Warning: Contains ending spoilers for “Reply 1988” 

Child actress Kim Seol, who recently appeared in “Reply 1988,” sat down for an interview and revealed her favorite co-star oppa in the drama.

“Just call me Jin Joo, please,” Kim Seol said, explaining that she liked being called Jin Joo.

Although she is young, she seemed to know a lot of the drama and its mysterious husband theme. When asked about who she thinks the husband is, she replied, “The husband? Oh, you mean Jung Pal and Choi Taek. I think Jung Pal is the husband. I think [Duk Sun] is going to break up with Choi Taek. I know I saw Choi Taek breaking up with her on TV.”

Kim Seol must’ve seen Park Bo Gum on TV acting out a breakup scene before.

Despite her hopes, the husband turned out to be Choi Taek. When asked which husband Kim Seol would choose if she were Duk Sun, she answered, “I’m going to marry Jung Pal. I like Jung Pal more. He’s Jung Bong’s brother. I like Jung Bong oppa, he’s really cute. He’s funny during and after filming. His cheeks are squishy.”

The actress continued, “I like Jung Bong oppa’s mom and dad, Kim Sung Gyoon, too. They always make me laugh after filming.” Being a bit excited, Kim Seol even demonstrated Kim Sung Gyoon’s signature gag in the drama.

She added, “I was disappointed when I had to stop acting as Jin Joo. I wasn’t Jin Joo anymore.”

Kim Seol’s mother revealed what happened during Kim Seol’s last day of filming because Kim Seol was actually asleep that day and doesn’t remember what went on. Her mother said, “It was the last day of filming with Sun Young and Moo Sung. It was the scene where Choi Taek’s dad is carrying her while eating fish bread in the alley. Kim Seol wouldn’t wake up even after filming, so she couldn’t say goodbye to either of them. Mom Sun Young actually said that she was relieved Kim Seol was asleep because she would probably cry if Kim Seol was awake.”

When Kim Seol had to choose her most favorite oppa she worked with, she immediately stated, “Sun Woo oppa.” When asked what he did for her, Kim Seol answered, “He hugged me, and kissed me.”

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