Producer of “Madame Antoine” Says the Drama Is Not a Typical Rom-Com

During the production presentation of “Madame Antoine” held on January 21, Producer Kim Yoon Chul said the drama will be different from the typical rom-com.

“It will not be like any other romantic comedy. It’s not like a typical love story, but the journey of how troubled people step on the road to recovery together,” he said.

“The show is different because of how the analytic male lead and emotional female lead cure other people’s troubles and find peace of mind along the way,” the producer adds. “Viewers will not only be entertained but touched as well.”

“Madame Antoine” is a drama in which a fake fortune teller who believes in the fantasy of love falls in love with an icy psychologist. Starring Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon, the first episode will be aired on January 22.

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