Girl Group Member Caught in Sponsor Relationship

A rookie girl group member in her twenties identified as A, has been caught in a sponsor relationship after falsely accusing her boyfriend of the same age of sexual assault. After suing him and being brought into custody, her sponsor relationship with B was revealed.

Sponsor relationships refer to when an individual has an influential “sponsor” who pays them and provides different types of support in exchange for sexual favors.

It was revealed on January 22 that the Uijeongbu District Prosecutor’s Office (Chief Prosecutor Kim Tae Chul) has charged A, who has also been charged with providing false accusations, and sponsor B with grievous bodily harm.

B has been described as a man of considerable wealth in his thirties. He is being charged for repeatedly assaulting A’s boyfriend C which resulted in broken ribs and various fractures that took four weeks to recover from. After assaulting C, B also stole C’s SIM card from his cell phone. This assault occurred on May 15 of last year.

At the time, B claimed that he committed assault in order to get photos of A from C’s cell phone. However, investigations found no special photos of A on C’s cell phone.

C sued B for grievous bodily harm after the assault occurred. Later, A sued C for sexual assault that occurred last January on June 25 of last year.

However, the prosecution confirmed that A threatened C with accusations of sexual assault because C had sued B.

The prosecution explained that A and B have been placed in restricted prosecution due to their heavy crimes of false accusation and grievous bodily harm.

Meanwhile, A is a rookie girl group member who previously won a prize at a model beauty pageant.

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