Actor Lee Sung Min Reveals His Daughter Is a Huge EXO Fan

On January 22, actor Lee Sung Min came on the MBC Radio “2 O’Clock Date With Park Kyung Lim” as a guest. He requested an EXO song on the show saying his daughter is a huge fan of the group.

Lee Sung Min commented, “I take my daughter to the tutoring center. It’s our time together in the car.” He added, “My wife took away her cell phone and MP3 player, so she listens to EXO’s music in the car. I’m sick of it.”

The actor stars in the upcoming film “Robot Sori” which will open in theaters on January 27. The film is about a father who has been looking for his daughter who went missing 10 years ago. He meets a robot that remembers all sounds from the past and starts to find traces of his daughter. Lee Sung Min portrays the father Kim Hae Gwan.

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