Former F-ve Dolls Member Heo Chan Mi Talks About Her Long and Difficult Time as a Trainee

On the January 22 broadcast of Mnet’s “Produce 101,” 101 trainees who are competing for a spot in a national girl group were introduced.

Former Co-Ed School and F-ve Dolls member Heo Chan Mi teared up talking about her long and difficult time as a trainee.

Heo Chan Mi

Duble Kick Company’s trainee Heo Chan Mi received praises for her fantastic vocal ability and overall performance. The judging panel questioned why she’s been a trainee for the last 10 years despite the fact that she had already made her debut.

Heo Chan Mi commented shedding tears, “I had the hardest time watching music programs. I debuted, but it didn’t work out. When people ask me why I’m still singing, it’s because I just want to sing.”

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