“Moorim School” Reportedly to Halt Production; KBS Responds

KBS2 TV‘s drama “Moorim School” is facing some rough waters, as the drama may be halting production due to issues between the production company and KBS.

According to an initial statement on January 23, the production company JS Pictures and KBS are currently in conflict over whether the drama will end at 16 episodes rather than the originally planned 20. However, the production company has since clarified their position.

“The drama will not end early, and it will air over the Lunar New Year holiday. Production of the drama has not stopped, either. Everything is being filmed ahead of time. Only this weekend’s filming scheduled has been cancelled, and that’s due to the severe cold snap. Next week’s press conference will continue as planned.”

A representative of the drama added, “There is no incorrect information in the official statement. Nothing has been decided up on yet. Everything will be discussed at next week’s press conference.”

KBS also dismissed the news of “Moorim School” ending early or halting production as rumor, and denied the conflict between the broadcaster and JS Pictures.

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