Yook Sungjae Jumps Into Water to Help Joy After She Falls Off Banana Boat on “We Got Married”

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae rushes to the rescue of his virtual wife Joy of Red Velvet in January 23’s episode of “We Got Married“!

While the pair are traveling in Hainan, they go on a banana boat ride together. Although Yook Sungjae is having a great time, Joy is not as thrilled. “I’m sorry, sir! I made a mistake!” she yells to the man who’s pulling their banana boat on a jet ski, joking that she must be being punished. The pair are thrown off when they turn a corner, but they soon get back on.

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On their next run, Joy slips off the banana boat and into the water, and Yook Sungjae quickly gets up and jumps into the water to help her.

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When he reaches her, the couple grabs hands and holds on to each other.

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During his interview, Yook Sungjae says, “To be honest, when I was jumping in, my feet touched the bottom, and we were both in life jackets. It wasn’t really that dangerous of a situation.”

He goes on to explain, “But she fell in on her own, and if you’re scared, even if it’s in shallow water, it can be dangerous. So I jumped in too.”

When asked what he thinks Joy thought of his actions, he says with a laugh, “Just looking at the situation, I think maybe she thought it looked cool. Maybe I looked a bit like a prince?”

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However, Joy confesses in her interview that she was too busy looking at the guy who was driving them around on the banana boat, who she says had pretty legs, and always helped her back up on to the ride. “So I didn’t see Yook Sungjae taking care of me,” she says with an embarrassed laugh.“I feel bad!”

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Watch the clip below!

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