Yoo Jae Suk Shows Off His Moves for TWICE’s “Like OOH-AHH”

A motley crew of celebrities — including Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Jang Yoon Jung — on “Same Bed, Different Dreams” learned parts of the choreography to TWICE’s “Like OOH-AHH,” as taught by group members Nayeon and Dahyun.

yoo jae suk twice ooh ahh

The two TWICE members appear on the January 23 episode of the show, and Nayeon asks for the celebrities’ help, as TWICE is usually nine-strong, and they only have two people. While a majority of the celebrities struggle with the dance, MC Yoo Jae Suk catches on quickly, and shows the others just how easy the moves that they learned are, from some simple hip action to a cute jump.

Watch the clip here:

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