Jungah Thanks After School Fans and Says Goodbye

Pledis Entertainment has recently confirmed the graduation of After School‘s Jungah on January 28. Shortly after the news, Jungah wrote to her fans through her personal Instagram:

안녕하세요 애프터스쿨 리더 정아입니다 여러분들에게 이런 소식전하게되서 너무 미안해요. 그래도 여러분들에게 제일 먼저 말씀드리는게 도리일것 같아 글을쓰려했는데 기사가먼저 나버렸네요ㅡ.ㅡ;; 제가 이제 애프터스쿨에서 졸업하게되었습니다. 벌써 애프터스쿨의 정아로 지낸지 7년이나 되었네요. 처음 그날부터 오늘 이 시간까지 누구보다 응원해주고 사랑해주신 그 마음 평생 꼭 기억하면서 살께요 이제 애프터스쿨이라는 이름으로 무대를 함께 설순 없겠지만 애프터스쿨 정아였었다는걸 자랑스럽게 생각하면서 열심히 지내겠습니다. 앞으로 제가 하는일도 계속 응원해시고. 남은 동생들도 많이 아끼고 사랑해주세요 너무 많이감사드리구요 절 응원해주셨던 그마음에 잊지않고 보답하면서 살께요. 감사하고 또 감사드립니다.

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“Hello, this is After School’s leader Jungah. I am very sorry to send everyone this kind of news. However, I thought it would only be proper to let you guys know first, but the news article came out first ㅡ.ㅡ;; I am now graduating from After School. It’s already been seven years as After School’s Jungah. I will live the rest of my life always remembering the support and love everyone has given me from the beginning to this very time. Although I cannot stand on stage anymore through the name of After School, I will always be proud of the fact that I was once After School’s Jungah. Please continue to cheer for me and my future work. Also please take care of and give lots of love to the remaining members. Thank you very much everyone. I will not forget the support I have gotten and will live repaying that kindness. I am thankful to everyone again and again.”

Many fans have expressed their sadness through their replies. Shortly after, Jungah reassures them saying, “It’s not farewell so let’s not be too sad^^ I will show you a better side of myself.”