Korean Beauty Brands Reveal Their Best-Selling Products

With greater interest in K-beauty spreading all over the world, Korean beauty products and brands have enjoyed a boost in popularity. While many products are loved globally, there are some cult faves worth knowing about. Allure Korea revealed the top five best-selling products from five popular brands. Check out the 25 hit items below!

Nature Republic Allure

1. Nature Republic’s Aloe Vera Soothing Gel is incredibly versatile since you can use it all over your body. The non-sticky formula is free of parabens, mineral oil, and artificial coloring to boot. Despite many copycat products, Nature Republic’s version remains the most popular.

2. Nature Republic’s Ginseng Royal Silk Watery Cream is the most luxe cream from the brand. This cream is best for individuals who are concerned about anti-aging. If the hefty price tag is a bit burdensome for you, try the next product!

3. Nature Republic’s Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is part of the ever-popular Aqua Max Cream line. The line includes a cream for Dry Skin and Oily Skin. All of the creams are long-time best-sellers from the brand.

4. Nature Republic’s Argan Essential Deep Care Shampoo is a popular hair product from the brand. I personally would recommend the Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack instead.

5. Nature Republic’s Snail Solution Cream is the third most popular cream from the brand. The cream is full of extracts including snail secretion filtrate designed to hydrate and nourish your skin. If you’re not interested in having snail slime on your skin, try the Aqua Max Cream.

Laneige Allure

1. Laneige’s BB Cushion remains popular as a foundation and touch-up product. The product provides buildable coverage that you can layer as you desire.

2. Laneige’s Water Bank Essence_EX is a great essence for all skin types. It is mild and moisturizing, making it an ideal product in any skincare routine.

3. Laneige’s White Plus Renew Original Essence focuses on brightening and evening out your skin tone. If you have dull skin, this should be helpful in improving it.

4. Laneige’s Time Freeze Intensive Cream aims to protect your skin from aging and maintain youthfulness. Fans of the product swear that it improves elasticity and smooths wrinkles.

5. Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bar continues to be a top choice for lipstick lovers. Conveniently consisting of two complementary shades, it makes gradient lips easier than ever.

Belif Allure

1. Belif’s The True Cream Aqua Bomb is quickly gaining fame outside of Korea as well. The gel cream is light yet moisturizing along with an herbal scent. You can also test out a smaller sample before committing to a full-size jar.

2. Belif’s The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb is thicker and more moisturizing than the Aqua Bomb. The Moisturizing Bomb is suitable during dry weather and for individuals with dry skin.

3. Belif’s Hungarian Water Essence contains lavender, rosemary, and other herbal ingredients. The lightweight formula glides on smoothly and keeps your face moisturized.

4. Belif’s Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream accelerates the growth of collagen which helps minimize fine lines around your eyes. Despite its thick texture, it quickly absorbs into your skin resulting in firmer skin around your eyes.

5. Belif’s Numero 10 Essence claims it can increase your skin’s level of hydration within 10 seconds. They recommend that you apply it within 10 seconds of washing your face for maximum hydration.

Innisfree Allure

1. Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum is the brand’s all-time best-seller. The serum is effective for all skin types and has a pleasant green tea scent. If you’ve never tried a serum before, this one is a great first choice.

2. Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Clay Mousse is better for individuals with oily skin and large pores. If your skin is a bit more sensitive, the Original Volcanic Clay Mousse would be a better match. The mousse can packaging makes application simple and the product helps minimize pores.

3. Innisfree’s Orchid Enriched Cream is amazing during the winter and for people with dry skin. The cream includes an extract from an orchid that is able to grow in cold climates. The result is moisturized and supple skin.

4. Innisfree’s Soybean Energy Essence feels a bit sticky at first but quickly absorbs into your skin upon application. It’s a good product for those who are just starting to prevent signs of aging.

5. Innisfree’s Long Wear Cushion gives long-lasting coverage that’s excellent for oily skin. The brand also has a Water Glow version and an Ampoule Intense version that are optimal for dry-skinned beauties. The high SPF coverage will also protect your skin from sun damage.

Too Cool for School Allure

1. too cool for school’s Egg Mousse Soap effectively cleans your pores and impurities without stripping your skin of moisture. The texture of the mousse cleanser is nice and firm as well.

2. too cool for school’s Egg Mouse Pack is a fitting pairing with the Egg Mouse Soap. After massaging the mousse on your face, you can wash it off immediately.

3. too cool for school’s Rules of Skincare Get Ready Dual Primer consists of a moisturizing face primer and a pore primer balm in the cap. The handy packaging makes priming a breeze. It’s also quite good at smoothing out the surface of your skin prior to applying a foundation cushion or BB cream.

4. too cool for school’s Art Class by Rodin is one of the hottest shading/contouring products in Korea. It includes three different shades of contouring powder so you can customize the best shade for your skin tone.

5. too cool for school’s Check Glossy Blaster Tint is a pigmented and glossy lip tint. It’s currently available in six different shades. You can layer it for a more natural look or bolder look depending on your preferences.

Which of these brands and products are you interested in most? Let us know in the poll and comments below!

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