After School’s Lizzy Talks About Group Comeback and Acting in BNT Pictorial

After School‘s Lizzy recently shot a pictorial with BNT.

In the photos, Lizzy is wearing various outfits that best show off her sexy yet cute charms. The white knit sweater gives fans a taste of her cuteness, while the red fur coat and flower pattern blazer reflect her sophisticated and sexy side.

bnt after school lizzy2

During the interview that went on together with the photo shoot, she confessed, “I want to make a comeback as After School soon. I want to perform bright songs like Lovelyz or GFRIEND, or try out a sexy concept.”

bnt after school lizzy3

Lizzy also mentioned Park Soo Jin, who she became friends with after being dual MCs on “2015 Tasty Road.” She said, “[Park Soo Jin] has a very good personality. She’s a good unnie and sunbae-nim. I first heard the news about her and Bae Yong Joon when I was filming overseas. I was honored and excited to be invited to their wedding.”

bnt after school lizzy4

The singer went on to address her passion for acting, saying, “I want to appear on TV as I really am. I want to become an actress who is lovely yet can express various emotions like Gong Hyo Jin sunbae-nim.”

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