Kahi Shows Frustration Over Students With Poor Performance on “Produce 101”

Kahi was frustrated while trying to teach the trainees on “Produce 101.”

On the episode of Mnet’s “Produce 101” aired on January 29, the first mission given to the trainees is to practice “Pick Me,” the song they will be performing on “M! Countdown.”

Kahi is in charge of F Group’s choreography class. However, she is quickly taken aback at how Ariyoshi Risa cannot even get the steps right.

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Soon afterwards, Kim Sohye continues to dance the wrong moves, which puts Kahi into deep concern.

“I’m sorry to my friends because it feels like I’m the only one doing poorly,” Kim So Hye says.

When the trainee continues making mistakes, Kahi says, “I’m frustrated. It feels like she isn’t trying hard. If she keeps this up, she’ll only be a back-up on stage.” Nevertheless, Kahi continues to encourage and teach all of the trainees kindly.

Meanwhile, “Producer 101” is a show in which 101 trainees from 46 different agencies try to make it to the top. The viewers are the producers, picking the 11 members to be debuted along with their concept, debut song, and group name.

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