Hani Reveals What EXID Always Orders When Having Barbecue

EXID‘s Hani has revealed her group members’ love for a Korean barbecue staple — pig skin.

She discusses EXID’s favorite menu items on the January 30 broadcast of “Baek Jong Won’s Top 3 Chef King,” a popular cooking show airing on SBS. This episode featured Hani’s first appearance as one of the show’s new hosts, marking her first weekly MC position.


After tasting marinated pork ribs, the hosts move on to discussing pork rind (pig skin). When asked if she’s a fan of the fatty yet chewy skin, Hani nods and says, “Our members love it as well.”

“Whenever we go to a barbecue restaurant, we first order meat and follow up with additional orders of pork rind,” she described their love for the collagen-rich delicacy, commonly believed to improve skin elasticity.

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