Watch: Jessi Is Embarrassed By Her Childhood Photos on “Same Bed, Different Dreams”

On January 30’s episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” viewers get to learn a little bit about Jessi’s past and the show also reveals a few photos from the rapper’s childhood.

Upon seeing the photos, MC Yoo Jae Suk comments, “You kind of look like a baby boy,” to which Jessi responds while flustered, “I was just a baby!”

Comedian Kim Joon Hyun then says while observing the photos, “You look strong.” Yoo Jae Suk adds fuel to the fire by saying, “Even though you were only two years old, your ‘force’ is overwhelming.” An embarrassed Jessi angrily exclaims, “Why did my manager send these photos!”


“Same Bed, Different Dreams” is a candid talk-show program that helps resolve the worries of parents and their children who are struggling through adolescence.

You can watch the clip here!

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