Minguk and Manse Reveal When They Like Their Dad the Most on “Entertainment Weekly”

January 30’s episode of “Entertainment Weekly” features an adorable interview with Song Il Gook’s sons Daehan, Minguk, and Manse!

Interviewer Kim Saeng Min meets the Song triplets on the set of an advertisement, and he comes prepared with a book about dinosaurs as well as fire truck toys for the boys. He interviewed Daehan, Minguk, and Manse last May, but they didn’t pay any attention to them at the time. Kim Saeng Min therefore seems thrilled to find that now that they’re a bit older, they’re actually interacting with him!

entertainment weekly daehan minguk manse 4

During his short interview with the boys, he asks them, “When do you like your dad the most?”

“When he gives me food!” says Minguk with a big smile.

entertainment weekly daehan minguk manse 2

Manse is busy eating a giant hot dog, but when he’s encouraged to answer by Kim Saeng Min, he replies, “When he gives me toys!”

entertainment weekly daehan minguk manse 3

Kim Saeng Min then brings Daehan forward and points out that he hasn’t said anything yet during the interview. “Are you the most introverted?” he asks him, but Daehan just looks at him without a word while holding his hot dog and his new toy.

entertainment weekly daehan

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