Song Ji Hyo Keeps the “Monday Couple” Alive on “Running Man”

Although Gary thinks it is too late to have a real relationship with Song Ji Hyo, the actress showed off her love for the “Monday Couple” on the January 31 broadcast of “Running Man.”

The “Running Man” team was joined by soccer players Park Ji Sung, Jong Tae Se, and Ji So Yun for a “Shanghai Special” broadcast. The entire crew went back in time to 1926 Shanghai in order to recover their independence fund.

During one of the missions, Song Ji Hyo was caught in a surprise inspection by a Japanese policeman. While being inspected, Song Ji Hyo playfully alluded to the “Monday Couple,” “You’re not hitting on me right? There is someone I’m seeing every Monday.” The actress’ reference to fellow member Gary was a pleasant surprise to everyone.

monday couple

You can watch the latest broadcast of “Running Man” here!

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