14 K-Pop Songs for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Playlist

Love is definitely in this air this week. To keep you in the Valentine’s Day spirit, we’ve rounded up a few sweet love songs that should definitely be featured on your playlist. So, break out the chocolates and get the roses ready. These next 14 songs, in no particular order, are sure to get your heart swelling and hoping for love.

1. Akdong Musician – “I Love You”

Akdong Musician‘s voices are enough to make for a legendary song, but “I Love You” will definitely have you wishing you could bake desserts and serve them to your crush like Suhyun does for Lee Hyun Woo in the song’s mega-cute music video.

In classic Akdong Musician fashion, the song is a dazzling acoustic that warms its listeners with its heartfelt and calming lyrics.

2. Park Kyung – “Ordinary Love (feat. Park Bo Ram)”

Block B‘s Park Kyung collaborates with soloist Park Bo Ram for this sweet and mellow duet. “Ordinary Love” recounts the feelings of a new love that feels unlike any other, and the duo’s alternating voices make this R&B tune the perfect soundtrack for any and all of your Valentine’s Day adventures.

3. Baek A Yeon – “A Good Boy”

JYP soloist Baek A Yeon lends her super sweet vocals in this tune from 2013. “A Good Boy” highlights the head-in-the-clouds feeling that a first love gives, and its cheerful melody can’t help but make you smile.

The music video even features a few scenes of cute couple’s choreography that you could maybe wrangle your valentine into doing with you. Who knows, maybe it’ll make for a fun date?

4. Super Junior – “No Other”

First off, can we just talk about how cute Super Junior looks preparing gifts in this one? “No Other” is the perfect song to express how much you love your significant other, and the music video even gives us inspiration for Valentine’s Day presents for our own dates.

Or maybe we can just pretend that Super Junior is our date. I mean, they have to be making those presents for somebody, right?

5. Soyu, Park Yong In, & Kwon Soon Il – “The Space Between”

SISTAR‘s Soyu gives us another beautiful love song when she collaborates with Urban Zakapa‘s Park Yong In and Kwon Soon Il. Not only does the song benefit from the trio’s warm voices, but it also feels like listening to an actual love story with their alternating lines.

Pair that with a music video that’s basically like watching a full K-drama in less than five minutes, and you’ve got the perfect theme song for any date.

6. K.Will – “My Heart Is Beating”

K.Will always brings us touching love songs. “My Heart Is Beating” is no exception. The song explodes with K.Will’s powerhouse vocals against a soaring and beautiful instrumental, and it really makes you feel hopeful about love and life in general.

With a music video starring IU and former MBLAQ member Lee Joon, this confession song is a perfect way to finally reveal your feelings to your crush.

7. 4Men – “Propose Song”

Pull out a tissue for this one, guys. 4Men takes us on the ultimate feels trip with their 2013 release of “Propose Song.” The ballad soars with emotion, and the music video illustrates the heartwarming moments of being in a relationship.

Plus, imagine how sweet this would be if your date sung this to you.

8. Yoseob & Eunji – “Love Day”

Remember when BEAST‘s Yoseob and A Pink‘s Eunji teamed up for this duet back in 2012? “Love Day” pairs these two vocalists well, and the song is so upbeat and bright that you can’t help but feel extremely happy listening to it.

The music video makes the song even better, especially with how much fun Eunji and Yoseob have recording it.

9. Kim Namjoo & Yook Sungjae – “Photograph”

Another bright duet from two more Cube label mates, A Pink’s Kim Namjoo and BTOB‘s Yook Sungjae collaborate on a cute song all about capturing the sweet moments they share with the ones they love.

This song makes you want to grab the closest camera to you and immediately have a fun photoshoot with your valentine.

10. Lee Seung Chul – “My Love”

Veteran artist Lee Seung Chul seriously touches our hearts with his infectious and heartfelt single, “My Love.” While the song itself is a sentimental masterpiece, it’s the music video that really takes this one home.

The music video follows one man’s elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend. The whole thing is all so romantic and sweet that it takes a serious toll on our feels, and you’ll probably need another box of tissues before you watch this one, too.

11. Suzy & Baekhyun – “Dream”

miss A‘s Suzy and EXO‘s Baekhyun give us a romantic and mature duet with their recent collaboration “Dream.” The duet flows so naturally that it feels more like a conversation than a song, and it’s no wonder why it is still nabbing high spots on music charts.

The song could definitely play as background music for your next intimate candlelit dinner, or even at your nearest café while you stare affectionately at your crush.

12. Eric Nam – “Heaven’s Door”

Eric Nam crafts the perfect date in the music video for his debut single “Heaven’s Door.” With Eric’s smooth and sweet voice coupled with a music video that’s as romantic as your favorite fantasy, this song will have you in a happy mood all day.

And, as if the Korean version wasn’t perfect enough, Eric even released an English version for international fans to love, too.

13. Seo In Guk & Eunji – “All For You”

We really can’t talk about songs perfect for Valentine’s Day without mentioning this iconic duet, right? A Pink’s Eunji is back on the list, this time for her classic duet with Seo In Guk.

Not only did the two co-star in “Reply 1997,” but they also paired up again in this sweet duet for the drama’s soundtrack. “All For You” will forever stir our hearts, and it’ll definitely make us want to marathon the drama all over again.

14. BTS – “Just One Day”

Rounding up the list is BTS with “Just One Day.” The boys show us their sensitive side with this addictive R&B single, and the lyrics are all about what they would do if they could be with the one they love for a day.

While our valentines this year may not be BTS, we can’t help but fall for all of the boys when they sing and rap this tune straight to the camera in the music video.

What songs are you jamming to this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

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