Interview: B1A4 Answers Your Burning Questions (About Food, So Much About Food)

While B1A4 was in Europe for their “B1A4 Adventure” tour, we sat down with them in Berlin to ask them all of the questions fans submitted during our #AskB1A4 Twitter event!

The best part about fan-sourcing questions is that you all think really out of the box – which results in super hilarious and candid answers from the group! You fans know the group well, and a bunch of the questions revolved around food – which B1A4 is very, very well versed in. Actually, even questions that weren’t about food were given suspiciously food-related answers. Actually, do not watch this interview if you’re hungry.

But, if you love watching boys be boys and fanboy food then this is the interview for you! With their great friendship on full display, the interview is full of laughs and some sprout-y surprises.

Check it out now:

And now, for a couple of questions that didn’t make the video!

‏@Kirah_95 asked “Is there anything you really want to do during your European tour?”

CNU: There’s a lot!

Baro There really are… While touring we have a little bit of free time. When we first arrived, the food we ate was really good. So I definitely want to eat a lot more delicious food as we visit different countries.

@jjarbeunchima asked, “Is there a country/city that you’d like to visit in the future that you’ve never been to before?”

Jinyoung: I want to go to England!

Baro: England~

Sandeul: For me, Switzerland!

Gongchan: Greece~

CNU: France!

Baro: Me, uhm, Italy! Good, good.

A special thank you to BANA Germany who sat down and conducted this interview as well to as Kinetic Vibe for inviting us!

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