Lee Min Jung Is Excited to Be Back to Work With Her New Drama

Actress Lee Min Jung exudes chic and sexy appeal posing for the fashion magazine High Cut. She’s making a comeback to the small screen through SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Please Come Back, Mister.”

In the pictorial, she is looking beautiful dressed in a tube top dress, off the shoulder dress, jumpsuit and other fancy party looks. Rather than her signature pure and innocent look, she portrays more intense and sexy side to her look in this pictorial.

Even Lee Min Jung herself was amused as she put on a bright red lipstick with her hair flipped on one side. She commented, “I’ve never tried this style before.”

lee min jung1

During the interview that took place after the photo shoot, Lee Min Jung opened up about her feelings toward making a comeback after two years of hiatus. Her last drama was “Cunning Single Lady.” Lee Min Jung commented, “I was nervous about being back at work. But I became comfortable after we started working together.” She continued, “If I didn’t make a comeback through this drama, ‘Please Come Back, Mister,’ I felt like it would be harder for me to get back to work as time went by. It’s hard to take the first step. So, I started recording on January 1.”

When asked about her goal for the new year, she commented, “I want to work in as many dramas as possible. I delivered a baby last year. So, I couldn’t work even if I wanted to. I want to work a lot this year. I want to be involved in great projects before I get too old. I’ve become greedy about work.”

lee min jung2

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