6 Reasons You Should Watch “Moorim School” Right Now

Searching for the next K-drama to watch? Look no further. If you’re into action and romance with a dash of fantasy, “Moorim School” is exactly what you need in your life. Here are six reasons why “Moorim School” has the potential to be your next favorite K-drama obsession.

1. It’s Not Your Typical School Drama

You may think you know what you’re expecting when a drama is set in school, but “Moorim School” isn’t your typical school drama. The students at Moorim don’t only focus on their grades, and their course list isn’t only composed of academics.

Moorim School

This school is composed of exceptional students who come from all over the globe. Much like the student body, the school itself is unique as well — and it harbors some major secrets that the headmaster (played by Shin Hyun Joon) isn’t willing to expose.

Shin Hyun Joon

Lee Hyun Woo and VIXX‘s Hongbin play the leading roles in this drama, and neither of their characters are too ecstatic to be Moorim School’s newest students. Not only are the two stars perfect eye candy for the next 16 hours you’ll spend marathoning this drama, but they also play two pretty interesting characters.

Lee Hyun Woo and Hongbin

Hongbin plays Chi Ang, the spoiled son of a wealthy Chinese executive.


Lee Hyun Woo’s character Shi Woo is an idol struggling to regain the public’s favor.

Lee Hyun Woo

When both men find themselves forced to attend Moorim School, an intense rivalry (and maybe even a slight bromance) grows.

Hongbin and Lee Hyun Woo

And if Lee Hyun Woo and Hongbin’s faces aren’t enough motivation to check out the drama, just check out their shirtless encounter below.

Lee Hyun Woo and Hongbin

Yeah, you might as well marathon all the episodes right now.

3. Fearless Girls Everywhere

Who says the guys have to save the girls?

“Moorim School” proves that girls don’t always need to be the damsels in distress to play important roles in dramas. The female characters in this drama are constantly holding their own — even in the face of extreme danger.

Shannon and Z.Hera

Just look at Seo Ye Ji‘s character Soon Deok, whose sharp tongue and quick wits show that she’s not your average leading lady. And she isn’t afraid to put people who disrespect her in their place, either.

Jung Yoo Jin‘s character Seon Ah is not one to ignore, either. Being a fangirl for Shi Woo makes her relatable, but we can also admire her for being at the top of her class and kicking major butt with her martial arts skills.

Jung Yoo Jin in Moorim School

The ladies of this drama, both leading and supporting, are surely a group we can love.


In a school that lists martial arts as one of its main classes, you can be sure that there will be plenty of high-intensity action scenes that showcase exactly what the Moorim School students are learning.

Moorim School

But it’s not just inside the school’s walls that we get to see them showcase their killer skills. They also have to face life-or-death situations.

Moorim School

And just when they think they’re safe, their peers can often pose as their biggest threat.

Moorim School

There’s danger lurking behind every corner in “Moorim School,” and it’ll keep you on your toes the whole way through.

5. The Addictive OST

As if having Hongbin co-star in the drama wasn’t enough, we also get to hear all of the VIXX boys sing some really catchy tunes for the drama’s soundtrack. Even B.I.G and EXID‘s Hani lend their voices to the OST.

Check out VIXX’s “Alive,” the upbeat theme song to “Moorim School,” below.

6. More Motivation to Master Korean

Foreigners are no strangers to making appearances in K-dramas. And when they do, more often than not, we know that they’re going to speak English. But not in “Moorim School.” The foreigners in this drama are all fluent in Korean.

Shannon and Z.Hera Moorim School

Instead of having an awkward walk-on role with a couple lines in English, the foreigners who appear in this drama have active spots in the cast. They may not be as important as Lee Hyun Woo’s or Hongbin’s characters, but they’re still very much anchors of the cast.

Sam Okyere

Plus, watching international celebs like Sam Okyere, Shannon Williams, Daniel Lindemann, and many others completely nail their lines is major motivation to improve our Korean skills.

And who knows, maybe the next time they film a drama like this we could guest star and impress with our skills, too.

Watch the first episode below and tell us what you love about “Moorim School” in the comments!

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