Choi Ji Woo Addresses Rumors About Her Relationship With Lee Seo Jin

In an interview with TV Report on February 4, Choi Ji Woo addressed rumors about her relationship with fellow actor Lee Seo Jin.

When a reporter asked Choi Ji Woo about the rumors surrounding her “love-line” relationship with Lee Seo Jin, she responded by asking with a big laugh, “Just because some people worked together on a project, does that mean they are all dating?”

She then further clarified their relationship, “I am very close with Lee Seo Jin. He is a good person and very fun to be around. And through him I was able to gain a lot of good influence.” She then talked about her fellow cast member, Kim Joo Hyuk, from her upcoming movie “Like for Likes.” She said, “I got a lot of help from Kim Joo Hyuk. Both Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee Seo Jin help me stand out when we are on screen.”

Choi Ji Woo plays a clumsy older woman who works as a flight attendant in “Like for Likes.” The movie is about incorporating the theme of romance with the modern trend of sharing our daily lives through social media. Lee Mi Yeon, Yoo Ah In,  Kang Ha Neul, and Esom are some of the stellar cast members that will be appearing in the movie along with Choi Ji Woo and Kim Joo Hyuk.

You can watch the teaser for “Like for Likes” here!

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