Hong Soo Ah Says She Hasn’t Gotten Any Major Plastic Surgery

Actress Hong Soo Ah opened up about her drastic change in facial structures in a recent interview.

On February 4, Hong Soo Ah sat down with news outlet Star News and stated, “I only did double-eyelid surgery and nothing else.” She continued, “I’ve said this before in the show ‘Taxi.’ I did not do anything else to my face except that.”

When asked about how she keeps her figure lean, the actress answered, “I usually walk around a lot. If I feel full after a meal, I go outside and walk around. I base my exercises on walking and also do some aerobics.”

Lastly, she said, “I tried to eat vegetables rather than meat when I was promoting in China. Also, I never ate late at night.”

Here are some pictures of her face in previous years till now. What do you think?

hong soo ah1 hong soo ah2 hong soo ah3

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