Park Eun Bin Hints Fans of Romantic Scenes With EXO’s Kai in “Choco Bank”

EXO‘s Kai and actress Park Eun Bin attended the press conference for their new web-drama “Choco Bank” on February 4 and talked about their romantic scenes together.

During the event, Kai said, “My character is very quiet and chic. He doesn’t have many romantic scenes.”

Then Park Eun Bin chimed in and added, “Our drama is more focused on the theme of growing up rather than love lines. There is a sprinkle of romance, I think. Kai will definitely melt the ladies’ hearts whenever a skinship scene comes out, so fans should think of Choco as themselves when watching this.”

“Choco Bank” is about a guy named Eun Haeng who has a wide knowledge of finance and a girl named Choco who is getting ready to start a business. The story plays out as the two meet and find out more about the financial service industry. It will air some time in February via web and mobile.

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