VOTE: Which Drama Remake Reigns Supreme?

Nothing seems to be more popular these days than remaking a drama! I love watching and comparing all the different versions – each country always has its own special take on the story. But! We all know that not all dramas are made equal. Let’s admit it, deep in our hearts we usually prefer one of the remakes, be it because the guys are cuter, the girls are prettier, the outfits are better, or the chemistry between the couple is stronger. Whatever your reason, vote below and let everyone know which remake did it best!

Let the showdown begin!

1) Meteor Garden vs. Boys Over Flowers vs. Hana Yori Dango vs. Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower

This iconic drama about F4 has been made by four different countries!

boys over flowers

2) You’re Beautiful vs. Ikemen Desu Ne vs. Fabulous Boys

Boy bands 4 lyfe! you're beautiful collage

3) Kimi wa Petto vs. You’re My Pet

What a cute little… pet?

you're my pet

4) In Time With You vs. The Time That I Loved You

How can you not root for these friends to get together? In Time With You collage

5) Hanakimi vs. To the Beautiful You

The lengths girls will go through for a boy…. Hanakimi collage

6) Fated to Love You

Do you believe in fate?  Fated to Love You collage

7) My Queen vs. Witch’s Romance

Is it so wrong to have a younger man?
Witch's Romance/My Queen

8) Liar Game

Liar, liar, pants on fire… Liar Game collage

9) Playful Kiss vs. Mischievous Kiss vs. It Started With a Kiss

So many, many, many, kisses!

Started With A Kiss Collage

10) Kaseifu no Mita vs. Suspicious Housekeeper

The…housekeeper? Suspicious Housekeeper collage

Did your favorite remake win out? Are there any coming out soon that you’re dying to see? Let me know below!

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