WINNER’s Nam Taehyun Tears Up Explaining His Passion For Acting on “Actor’s School”

On the first episode of “Actor’s School” on February 4, WINNER‘s Nam Taehyun teared up talking about his struggles with acting.

During the show, Taehyun says, “I think there is no end in learning. If something interests me and excites me, I should learn it in more detail.” To this, Park Shin Yang says, “First of all, I can’t hear you. Please speak loudly.”

Lee Won Jong asks Taehyun, “Are you going to continue acting from now on?” to which Taehyun answers, “My main job is a singer but I want to act, too. If I start learning now and a good project comes in the future…”

Then Park Shin Yang asks, “I have a question. Why are you here? Are you saying you’re not that desperate to act? You just want to start learning so you’re more comfortable in the future? Did I misunderstand?”

Jang Soo Won adds, “I, too, feel like Taehyun is saying that he wants to take up acting slowly rather than being desperate.”

Taehyun then explains, “I knew you would think that since I am a singer, I want to start acting to increase my popularity. I think a lot of viewers are thinking that way.”

Park Shin Yang tells him, “I want to know what you think. I have a goal. I want to teach all of you as much as you want to learn. How desperate are you to join this class?”

Taehyun replies, “I want to learn so much. I don’t think I’m good enough to appear on TV yet. Even my agency had many talks with me because I want to start acting. When a chance to act came to me, I wasn’t ready. I felt so guilty towards the staff, director, writer, and other actors for the drama I was in. The drama was badly criticized because of me, and negative comments flooded any news articles about it. I felt so sorry towards them,” and starts to cry.

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When asked if he feels like that’s all his fault, Taehyun says, “I don’t think it’s all my fault, but what became the center of criticism is my bad acting. When I started hearing harsh words that I’ve never heard before, that’s when I realized that I wasn’t ready to act yet. I don’t want to hurt anyone else because of me anymore.”

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