Celebrity Chef Lee Yeon Bok Is a Fanboy for Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

On February 5, celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok uploaded a picture of himself and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA on his personal Instagram. They both can be seen posing warmly with a smiles and thumbs up. Along with the picture, the chef wrote:

“Girls’ Generation’s YoonA came to my restaurant today. She is very pretty. Even this statement is not enough, could there be a better expression to describe her? Even the restaurant staff were amazed, saying she is great and kind ~~ YoonA is jjang (the best)! ^^”

Lee Yeon Bok is known for his incredible skills in Chinese cuisine and has gained popularity through various shows such as KBS‘s “Happy Together” and JTBC‘s “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator.”

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