Watch: BTS’s V and Kim Min Jae Display Their Close Friendship In “Celebrity Bromance”

The first episode of MBC’s new mobile reality show, “Celebrity Bromance” (also known as “Flower Boy Bromance”), has been released!

BTS‘s V and actor Kim Min Jae, who have been friends since their trainee days, have only been able to talk over messages and brief encounters at music programs. They finally get the chance to just hang out and chill with each other. V reveals that it’s the first time in two and a half years he’s been able to just come out like this.

The episode gives a glimpse into just how close they are, exchanging casual jokes with each other, and jamming out to songs like PSY‘s “Daddy.” V even urges Kim Min Jae to stop speaking formally. They talk about everything from V wanting to get his driver’s license, to Kim Min Jae’s appearance on “Show Me the Money 4.” V even speaks in satoori (regional dialect), showing just how comfortable he is. This is just the beginning, with the preview showing the two getting massages that Kim Min Jae has prepared for them.

“Celebrity Bromance” aims to portray star friendships as real as possible, and is filmed “paparazzi-style” from afar, to let the cast members feel less burdened by cameras. Episodes are available on both Naver TVCast and YouTube.

Check out the first episode below! English subtitles are available.