INFINITE Members Handwrite Their Hopes for 2016 and Messages to Fans

In light of the Lunar New Year, the members of INFINITE sat down and each handwrote, with varying levels of penmanship, their wishes for 2016 along with messages for their beloved Inspirits.

Sungjong writes, “1. In 2016, I want to take on a variety of challenges. 2. To be healthy. 3. To be happy.”

To Inspirits, he writes, “Inspirits, in 2016 we will broadcast better songs. We will alway show you our best selves. We love you. Always be healthy and happy.”


Woohyun wishes for 2016, “To be happy with our fans without any accident. I would like it to be a loving year!”

His aegyo-laden message for Inspirits reads, “I just love you guys no reason I just love you.”


Sunggyu shares, “For good things to happen this new year!! For all of us to get rich!! Please ^^”

Sunggyu’s writing isn’t the easiest to make out, but his message to Inspirit’s roughly reads, “I hope only good things happen this year! And for all your wishes to come true! I would like you to be happy!! … When the new album comes out I would like it if we could all sing together!! Oh yea!!”


Member Sungyeol keeps things minimalistic. For his New Year’s wish he hopes, “For something amazing to happen.”

“Everyone, be healthy, and I hope that something amazing happens,” he says to Inspirits.


Hoya‘s bubbly handwriting reads, “In 2016, I hope that I don’t get sick and can do the things I want with joy.”

To Inspirits, he writes, “I’ll be better in 2016! Really and truly and sincerely I love you all ^_^ teehee”


Dongwoo has trouble staying in the lines for his response as he messily writes, “For my mom to regain her health and for INFINITE to release a song that will reach need heights.”

In his message for Inspirits, he attempts to mobilize them into action. “For this to be the year you pursue your dreams!” he writes.


L‘s writes in font-like handwriting, “I hope to spend each day without regrets. I hope to not be sick but happy.”

To Inspirits, he writes, “For 2016 to be a year where you are healthy, happy, and things work out. Don’t be sick.. I love you~ ^^”

What a thoughtful New Year’s gift for their fans!

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