Get Ready for Valentine’s Day With A Blast of Romance

As February 14th approaches, suddenly it seems like we’re all seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses (and probably also craving chocolate). It’s a season of romance and whether you’re happily single or happily attached, you can still get your romance on.

And what says romance better than Korean dramas? I’m pretty sure the answer is: nothing. To help you pick the best and most romantic dramas, Viki has put together a collection literally made for Valentine’s Day.

Check out the list and pick a couple to check out for the holiday!

1. Oh My Venus


“Oh My Venus” is known for introducing a new style of kiss – the fitness kiss. What better way to make working out fun that with a buddy? Specifically a special someone. Whether you’re a fitness buff or you’re just looking for a drama to inspire healthy living and an adorable relationship – “Oh My Venus” is for you! So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah are the definition of a power couple and their chemistry is off the charts in this drama. Bonus: there’s a lot of side-character eye-candy!

2. One More Happy Ending


Happiness doesn’t end after a break-up or a divorce. Jang Nara is a woman who runs a remarriage consulting company – helping others find their second happy ending despite still reeling from her own divorce. Throw in a past as a girl group member (full of quirky flashbacks to 90s K-pop) and you’ve got a light hearted drama that is the definition of girl power and staying positive no matter what your relationship status is!

3. Fated to Love You


In the mood for an epic story of, well, fate? Missed connections, accidental nights spent together, misunderstandings – all things that can happen in real life to throw relationships out of their usual orbit. But, in the end real love wins out and Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk bring the best out in each other to collide into a heartwarming (and at time heart-wrenching) story. Looking to laugh, cry, and yell at your TV? “Fated to Love You” it is.

4. She Was Pretty


Falling in love with your best friend is the dream — but what if your best friend is suddenly a complete jerk to you? Watch Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon navigate reuniting after nearly 15 years and discovering that they may have changed a lot in their time apart. Or did they? With Super Junior’s Choi Siwon adding comedic relief, the ups and downs of another take on the old “friends to lovers” trope are enjoyable and the characters in the drama show unexpected depth. (The entire Viki and Soompi team actually watched the finale of the show together – and we didn’t regret it.)

5. Secret Garden


Perhaps most famous for this epic “cappuccino kiss,” “Secret Garden” is a K-drama staple that if you haven’t seen yet – you must absolutely begin watching right now. When Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin accidentally switch bodies, they’re in for a hilarious and extremely awkward ride. With colorful and quirky characters plus flawless acting by the main leads, this is a drama that you can not only breeze through, but also laugh through. This might be your best bet if you’re single – it’s light hearted and just a touch preposterous. Also – Hyun Bin!!

6. My Love From the Star


How about a love story on an inter-galactic scale? “My Love From the Star” was an international hit of absolutely epic proportions. When an alien Kim Soo Hyun is stranded on earth for 400 years, his only plan is to avoid human relationships until the day he can return to his planet. But, a diva actress (Jun Ji Hyun) throws all of his plans literally into the gutter by looking suspiciously like a young girl he saved 400 years ago and by being his neighbor. She’s not going to let him avoid her and he keeps getting pulled deeper into her rather exciting life. Is it even possible to date an alien? You’ll have to watch to find out!

7. Splash Splash Love


Looking for a shorter commitment to get your romance fix? Try out the mini-series “Splash Splash Love”! Starring SNL Korea comedian Kim Seul Gi and BEAST member Yoon Doojoon, this short drama is heavily rooted in comedy with a healthy dose of chemistry between the two leads. Time travel? Check. Cross dressing? Check. Tons of “awwww”-ing? Extra check. The show is available in a two-episode “movie version” or in it’s original 10 mini-episode format.

8. Discovery of Love


Girl meets boy, girl breaks up with boy, girl moves onto her dream guy, boy comes back, another girl meets boy, everyone’s emotions get all tangled up. With four people involved, “Discovery of Love” really is about each of the characters rediscovering themselves through the people they are seeing. Romantic, comedic, and sexy – “Discovery of Love” was a major hit.

9. The Time I’ve Loved You


Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook play friends who have been together for 20 years – through thick and thin and many life changes. As they’re nearing 30, they decide to make a bet on who will be married first. It’s all fun and games – until their search for true love starts leading them towards each other. Another friends-to-lovers drama for the ages!

10. Love Rain


Girls’ Generation’s Yoona meets Jang Geun Suk in a love story that begins before their time. His mother and her father had fallen in love in college only to be torn apart by a twist of destiny. Will the next generation find love together or are they doomed as well?

Once you’ve had your spirits lifted by some good, ole K-drama romance Viki has partnered with Lyft to give you a ride to your big Valentine’s date night out (or friend’s night out)! Details below:


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