Yeo Jin Goo Celebrates His High School Graduation

Actor Yeo Jin Goo has graduated from high school!

On February 5, the young rising star posted photos of his graduation ceremony to Instagram, including a photo that shows him grinning as he stands in the back row of a group of his classmates. He writes as the caption, “Sincere congratulations on your graduation!!!! My friends!!!! I hope that you’re always happy and cheerful, and that your life is full of only enjoyable things!!!!” He also thanks his teachers, and promises to work hard in the future.

yeo jin goo 2

Yeo Jin Goo also shared a selfie of himself smiling hugely with his newly-received high school diploma.

While participating in his graduation ceremony, Yeo Jin Goo said, “Today is our graduation ceremony, but thinking about how this is my last moment in my beloved high school, I’m a bit sad, as well as proud and a bit nervous.”

“I’ll be appearing in the drama ‘Daebak’ at the same time as I’m entering university,” he went on to say. “I’ll work hard on both my schoolwork and acting at the same time. I hope you will support me.”

Congratulations on graduating high school, Yeo Jin Goo!

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