Watch: Jo Jung Suk Is Adorable With His Funny English on “Youth Over Flowers”

During the latest February 5 broadcast of the “Youth Over Flowers” Iceland special, actor Jo Jung Suk made viewers laugh with his clumsy English.

During the broadcast, Jo Jung Suk, Jung WooJung Sang Hoon, and Kang Ha Neul stopped by a gas station to refuel their car. However they were unfamiliar with the car fueling process in Iceland as it was different from how it is done in Korea. Jo Jung Suk then decides to go get some help and asks a stranger outside the station, “Hey, excuse me, can I help me?” The person then points to the building, gesturing for him to find help inside. Once he found an employee inside, he asked again, “Excuse me, can I help me?” Smiling, the employee understood what he was saying and handed him a fueling card to refuel the car. 

jo jung suk 3

Jo Jung Suk’s clumsy English brought much laughter to Korean netizens. Some of the popular comments were: “Hahahahahaha his charm is overwhelming hahahaha.” “Open the door! (means to say close the door)” and “A person can’t be perfect~”

tvN‘s “Youth Over Flowers” airs every Friday at 9:45 p.m. KST. Its next trip to Namibia featuring the cast of “Reply 1988” will air on February 19.

Watch Jo Jung Suk’s hilarious mistake here!

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