SEVENTEEN Opens Up Voting for Official Fan Club Name

SEVENTEEN is giving fans a say in the group’s official fan club name.

The boy group has opened up voting on their official website, and fans can cast their vote for one out of six candidates, Tinker Bell, Tinvely, Wish, Same, Wennie, and Carat.

Tinker Bell is meant to signify fans’ loyalty to SEVENTEEN through thick and think, just like Tinker Bell was loyal to Peter Pan.

Tinvely is a mash-up of the words SEVENTEEN and lovely.

Wish signifies the hope that through uniting together, SEVENTEEN and their fans will be able to accomplish their dreams and wishes.

Same refers to SEVENTEEN and their fans being the same and loving each other the same.

Wennie is an acronym for “We Expect New and Imagine Eternally.”

Carat signifies how fans will make SEVENTEEN sparkle like a diamond.

Those who want to vote must sign up and log into the website. You can vote here.

Have you cast your vote? Share with us the name you would like for SEVENTEEN’s fan club!

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