Watch: BTS’s Jungkook Cracks Everyone Up With Impression of Zion.T on “The Boss Is Watching”

BTS’s Jungkook has everyone in stitches with his impression of hip hop artist Zion.T on February 6’s SBS special “The Boss Is Watching”!

Before the talent portion of the competition, MC Jun Hyun Moo says he’s heard that someone in the huge group of talented idols can do an impression of Zion.T. Jungkook runs down to the stage, all ready with a cardboard cutout of Zion.T’s face.

Jungkook then does his best imitation of Zion.T’s voice by performing a verse from the singer’s hit track “Yanghwa BRDG.” However, the way he slurs the words makes everyone laugh, and Jun Hyun Moo reminds him that he’s doing an impression of Zion.T, not the village idiot.

Still, Big Hit Entertainment’s director Kim Shin Kyu looks delighted by Jungkook’s hilarious performance and laughs as he applauds him.

Check out the clip below!

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