EXID’s Hani Shares Sweet Photo With Her Brother Ahead of “We Are Siblings” Appearance

EXID member Hani has uploaded a photo to Instagram to prove just what a great sister she is.

Hani and her brother will be appearing together on KBS’s new variety show “We Are Siblings,” which follows stars and their siblings as they spend 48 hours together and complete missions.

On February 6, she posted a photo to Instagram in which her brother is taking a nap with his head in her lap. She writes as the caption, “Last Chuseok.. ‘We Are Siblings.’ If you watch the preview, it seems like he’s an angelic younger brother and I’m an evil older sister, but I’m really an infinitely nice sister who even lets him use my lap as a pillow.”


KBS will be airing the first episodes of “We Are Siblings” as Lunar New Year specials on February 8 and 9. Check out Hani and her brother’s preview below!

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